LGCC Guidelines & Info

Secretary Guidelines and Suggestions (as of July 2021)

  • Items in Yellow are only for meetings in person, on-location
  • Items in Green are specific to ZOOM meetings


General guidelines for duties while on-location:

  1. When arriving use the lock box to enter the back door. This key unlocks the classroom doors, downstairs kitchen & the janitor closet in the main hall. Please be sure to replace the key at the end of the meeting.
  2. For all meetings that are held up-stairs please only use the back door for entering and exiting the building (the one farthest from Main Street that has the lock box on it) & not the sliding glass doors in the center of the building.
  3. Participants can ring the doorbell and have someone let them in or you can station someone downstairs next to the door to open it up for them.   The back door must remain closed or watched. DO NOT prop the door open & leave it unattended under any circumstance. There are issues with the general public and homeless people wandering into the building and causing safety hazards and bathroom issues.
  4. If you are the only ones in the building please check all the bathrooms, up-stairs & down, and the front sliding glass door to ensure all your participants are gone & building is secure before leaving.
  5. Please be sure to leave the room(s) clean. If for some reason your room was not clean when you got there take a picture & send it to jeff.spedding@gmail.com so Jeff can notify the facility.
  6. We want to be good renters so there are mops, wet & dry, & brooms in the janitor closet in the main hall for us to use as needed.